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German outdoor product company Jack Wolfskin has broken new ground. Equipped with an Airstreamer popular actor Jürgen Vogel explored Germany thoroughly from north to south. Under the slogan „Outside is everywhere“ and with the help of a community of outdoor enthusiasts unusual locations suited for outdoor activities were selected and mapped. In doing so the exploration spirit was associated with the brand.

An outdoor event was designed by Commandante with the purpose to end the campaign accordingly: a unique finale including a live act of the highest order at a special outdoor location. The tasks were conception, planning and execution of the event. Our goal was to offer an experience which „money can’t buy“ following the slogan „outside is everywhere“ in order to experience the brand Jack Wolfskin. A direct and personal interaction between brand and target audience paired with the exclusive location, atmosphere and event were meant to create lasting memories and a positive brand experience.

50 Prizewinners and chaperons were rewarded with a overnight stay at the Jack Wolfskin Camp and an exclusive live concert by Max Herre & Friends in the beautiful surrounding of the Westerwald forest, including an aftershow party and BBQ. The active experience and the personal interaction with the brand Jack Wolfskin was achieved where it matters most: the outdoor territory. Attention to detail and a fitting lighting installation made the autumn weather bearable. The charmingly staged industrial charm of the Stöffelpark was highlighted accordingly by the contrast between outdoor and urban environment. Strictly matching the premise: „Outdoor is everywhere“


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