How do you set great music sponsoring apart these days? For a brand to gain credibility on the music scene it needs a comprehensive approach – especially when the electronic underground meets with a global corporation like Telekom.

Why bring these two worlds together? – To strengthen the Telekom brand among the digital avantgarde and the urban opinion leaders in all of the European Telekom markets. And the challenge of this unlikely pairing? – Authenticity. Commandante created an authentic Brand Community Program aimed at the desired target group: Electronic Beats, which allows both entry into and full immersion in the world of the target audience.

Electronic Beats is a cross-media brand experience that links an international community through the exchange of opinions and experiences. The Electronic Beats events featuring countless stars and newcomers make up the core of the programme activities, around which the quarterly print magazine, the Slices DVD and the multi-lingual online presence are all arranged.

The Electronic Beats Magazine reaches 620,000 readers worldwide and is awarded gold and silver at the 2011 Best of Corporate Publishing Award, after having won silver in 2009 and 2010. Electronic Beats Online is one of the Top 10 music websites in Germany, draws 400,000 unique visits per month and has been nominated for the German LEAD Award since 2008 until 2011.